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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Carpet Drying Time in Dallas, TX

Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Drying Time in Dallas, TX

Did you know that when carpets are cleaned or shampooed, one problem that often plagues those who do not know how to professionally clean carpets is soggy and musty smelling carpets? Carpet cleaning is necessary to help prolong the life of these floor coverings. It is also essential in keeping your carpets from accumulating dirt, grime, and microbes that can cause a variety of health problems. The problem however is that if carpets are not dried properly after cleaning, these become more prone to damage and are more of a health hazard than before these were washed.

What you need is a professional cleaning company like Elevated Janitorial to properly clean, shampoo, steam, and dry your carpets. Drying carpets involves more than just waiting for these to dry naturally. In fact, just letting these sit in a damp state without the use of any drying equipment to expedite the process will actually damage these, not to mention develop musty odors and become breeding grounds for mold, microbes, and mildew.

Elevated Janitorial has the much-needed equipment to not only properly clean your carpets with, but to also dry these out thoroughly in a short span of time. When a damp carpet is left to sit in such a state for more than six hours, it becomes the perfect home for microbes that can make people sick. This also opens up your carpet to the possibility of damage due to prolonged exposure to moisture.

Our carpet drying methods include the use of drying equipment such as room heating elements, dehumidification machines, and other drying machinery that expedites the drying process. Our state-of-the-art equipment also helps remove residual moisture that can make the air in your commercial establishment smell musty and warm. The combination of up-to-date cleaning and drying tools with an expertly trained cleaning crew gives you the clean and properly dried carpets that your facility should have.



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For your carpet cleaning and maintenance needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, rely only in an expert like Elevated Janitorial. We can provide you with the equipment, personnel, and knowledge that can properly clean and dry your carpets in the right amount of time to keep these from damage.

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