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Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Protection in Dallas, TX

Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Protection in Dallas, TX

Parts of your establishment encounter more foot traffic than other areas. Aside from the usual dust, dirt, and grime that gets tracked into your facility and onto your carpet, other contaminants like mud, grease, and moisture can also find its way onto your floor covering. As common as an occurrence as this is, it is a good idea for you to ensure that your carpets are protected from the wear and tear that comes from such exposure.

Protecting your carpets from the added wear and tear it may experience from the influx of people can be easily done with the help of carpet protection films. You may not be aware of this, but a lot of businesses nowadays employ the help of carpet cleaning professionals like Elevated Janitorial to not only clean and maintain their carpets for them, but also to help prolong the usage of such floor coverings with the use of invisible carpet protection.

Usually made out of polyethylene and/or Teflon, these protective coatings often help deflect surface dirt and dust, as well as keeps moisture from seeping through to the core of your carpets. This also helps you to easily wipe off any surface dirt and spills without the need to panic. The kind of protective coating you choose for your carpet will dictate how long these will last, with some lasting for 30 days, and others lasting for as long as 60 days.

The installation of your carpet protection choice should always be done by carpet cleaning experts like Elevated Janitorial. This will help ensure that the protective film covering your carpets are installed properly and will last for as long as these are supposed to. Contact us today to find out what kind of carpet protection is best suited for your establishment and our team of experts will assist you with such a request, apart from the installation and planning of carpet maintenance needs.



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For your carpet protection and maintenance needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, trust only in Elevated Janitorial, your go-to carpet cleaning and maintenance expert in North Texas. Contact us today at 469-210-0646 for a free assessment and estimate. You can also fill up our Contact form to get more information about our many cleaning and janitorial services.

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