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High Traffic Area Carpet Cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

High Traffic Area Carpet Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Not all carpets that are installed in commercial spaces experience the same level of foot traffic. Some areas get more wear and tear than others, and these are called the high traffic areas of these facilities. Some of the places that see a lot of people walking through them include lobbies, reception areas, production floors, dining spaces, and conference rooms. These see a lot of people going in, out, and about them and this makes the carpets of such spaces receive more abuse than others.

When your carpets receive such a huge volume of foot traffic, these become dirty, dingy, and filled with microbes that can cause various illnesses. Aside from the surface dirt that you see on these carpets, you will also find these looking more worn out than the carpets in other parts of your facility. When this happens, you will need more than just your standard carpet shampooing and vacuuming. You will need a specialized cleaning regimen like the high traffic area carpet cleaning service that Elevated Janitorial is offering.

Carpets that are found in high traffic areas require not only deep cleaning and disinfecting. These also need proper maintenance in order to help prolong their use, and to help your company save money by removing the need to replace carpets for a long time. Carpet deodorizing, carpet protection, and hot water extraction are just some of the things that we can also do to help you get more use out of your carpets. We can customize a carpet cleaning regimen for your high traffic area carpets.

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning expert that offers specialized carpet cleaning methods in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you have found what you need in Elevated Janitorial. We have the well-trained personnel, the up-to-date cleaning equipment, and the best cleaning methods needed for a wide variety of carpet cleaning problems. Whether your carpets need deep cleaning, spot and stain removal, protection, and maintenance, we have the service you need.



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