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Floor Buffing

Floor Buffing in Dallas, Texas

A clean floor and a shiny floor are two completely different things. While one can be done with such cleaning methods like mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, the other can only be had by polishing. Sometimes, floors can be difficult to polish using manual methods particularly when there is a lot of floor space to cover. This is where a floor buffing service comes in handy.

Elevated Janitorial can take care of your floor polishing needs easily with the use of state-of-the-art floor buffing equipment that can get your floors to a high sheen quickly. Some floors need regular buffing due to the high amount of traffic it experiences on a daily basis, and this can result in floors that have dull surfaces due to a number of elements. Constant use can and will cause floors to lose their shine, which is why regular floor buffing is required.

Dust, dirt, moisture and other dirt particles can make floors become dull even after they have been polished a few days prior. This is why regular floor buffing is a must if you want your establishment’s cement, tile, stone, hardwood, or marble floors to look as good as new every single week. With the help of regular buffing, not only will your floors look clean and polished, but they will also help prolong the life of these floors.

Buffing is done with the use of floor buffing equipment that works to not only restore the shine to floors but to also dislodge tough dirt and stains from the surface. This works with the help of cleaning solutions and different kinds of buffing pads made specifically for the type of flooring that your facility has. After the removal of the tough dirt and stains on the surface of your floor, a polymer is applied to the surface to help protect and shine these floors.

While the protective coating of the polymer can protect the surface of the floor from damage that is caused by dirt, dust, and heavy foot traffic, cleaning, reapplication and polishing on a regular basis is still needed to help keep your floors in tip-top condition. This is where Elevated Janitorial can help you with the maintenance, shine, and full protection of your floors in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.



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