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Marble & Stone Floor Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Marble and Stone Floor Cleaning in Dallas, TX

One type of flooring that exemplifies elegance is marble flooring. Stone flooring also exudes the same level of panache that marble does. Both flooring types are often used by establishments that want that added touch of class and sophistication for their floors. With this sophisticated style in your floor choice however, comes the need for specialized cleaning solutions to help prevent deterioration and damage that will make such floorings lose their luster.

As with other flooring choices, marble and stone floors also need the right kind of cleaning solutions to help keep the effects of wear and tear at bay. Heavy foot traffic, spills, and dirt can slowly begin to make these floors look less and less like the elegant flooring they are supposed to be. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning with the help of Elevated Janitorial can help your stone and marble floors retain their sleek and elegant appeal.

Despite the fact that stone and marble floors are very tough and resilient flooring options, they can actually get scratched and permanently damaged if not treated and cleaned the right way. Only an expert in floor cleaning and polishing, like us at Elevated Janitorial, can help prevent such floor damage from occurring.

We have the right kind of cleaning programs and solutions for your stone and marble floors, which includes the use of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, environmentally safe cleaning mixtures, and the help of expertly trained cleaning personnel. Elevated Janitorial can help you keep marble and stone floors as clean and as polished as the day these were first installed.

In order to get the best possible cleaning process for your floors, we first assess what kind of procedure will best suit the present condition of your flooring. Our team of cleaning and floor polishing experts will assess your establishment before giving you a cleaning program that will make your floors look as good as they should. You will be asked for your preferences as well when it comes to your cleaning requirements before plans are laid out for your floor cleaning and polishing needs.



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